2019 Highlights

The Data Privacy Conference USA 2019 provided a top-level meeting space for the data protection community in the US and further afield to explore current and future challenges in the area of data privacy, as well as to debate the different governance strategies that have emerged. Speakers also discussed how a US data privacy framework could fit in the international context, what a federal law would mean for specific areas of the economy such as the health sector, and how a framework for the collection and use of personal data could be designed so that it does not hinder competition and innovation but promotes responsible use of data and safeguards users’ trust.

Speakers of the 2019 edition included:

Suzan DelBene

US Congresswoman
US House of Representatives

Alex Greenstein

Director, Privacy Shield
Department of Commerce

Marsha Blackburn

US Senator
US Senate

Jimmy R. Rock

Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Deputy, Public Advocacy Division
Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

Diane Rinaldo

Assistant Secretary (Acting), NTIA Department of Commerce

*Positions & organisations at time of conference